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We are a stable, well-established, full-service law firm with offices in greater and suburban Edmonton, Devon and Wainwright Alberta

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NRHM Law was founded in 1972 by J. Royal Nickerson, K.C. and Terry B. Roberts, K.C. for the purpose of providing sound legal advice to individuals and corporations alike. In order to meet client needs, we have two offices in Edmonton as well as an office in Wainwright, Alberta.

The lawyers and support staff at NRHM Law are committed to providing quality legal services at fair prices. Dedication to our clientele and the law has led to valued long-term relationships with many of our clients. Whether assisting clients with a small claims dispute or corporate reorganization, the lawyers and staff at NRHM Law are committed to working alongside clients to resolve their legal issues.

Practice Areas

Our lawyers are experienced advocates in the field of Corporate & Commercial Law, Surface Rights law, Will & Estates Law, Personal Injury Law, Real Estate Law, Family Law, Labour & Employment Law, and Civil Litigation.

Alberta Surface Rights Lawyers.  At NRHM Law, we understand the complex and potentially contentious relationship between landowners and industry….
Alberta Real Estate Lawyers. With over 150 years of combined experience in real estate law, NRHM Law provides excellent…
Alberta Family Lawyers.  At NRHM Law we value and recognize the importance of family to our clients. We understand…
Alberta Civil Litigation Lawyers. Our lawyers at NRHM Law have considerable knowledge and experience in dealing with litigation matters…


It’s important to remember that the lawyer is offering a service and that you, as a potential consumer of that service, can and should evaluate the services offered in much the same way you’d evaluate any other type of service you’re looking to purchase.

By having a legal representative present your case to the court. 

NRHM Law will help you with your property rights issues associated with owning land and can provide representation in relation to all such issues.

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Awesome to deal with. Go and find Mr. Lawrence Hazlett for your real estate selling/buying needs. He will do it right and give you enough time to explain things.
Shahadat Hossain
Great law firm, they are the ones legal shield use
Carlos Y


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