Family Law

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Alberta Family Lawyers. 

At NRHM Law we value and recognize the importance of family to our clients. We understand that legal implications of family unit dissolution can have long lasting and significant consequences for everyone involved. 

Our family lawyers have extensive knowledge and experience dealing with difficult and complex family matters and provide practical guidance and support to our clients. We are happy to offer our experience in a wide range of services including separation and divorce, division of matrimonial property, contested parenting and custody matters, spousal support applications, applications for guardianship, as well as adoption proceedings.

 Additionally, our family law lawyers can provide representation and advice regarding the preparation of cohabitation and pre-nuptial agreements or separation agreements, to ensure that your property and rights are protected. 

Our lawyers are also skilled in collaborative family law practices, which encourage open communication and collaborative problem solving. These practices often lead to quicker and more efficient dispute resolution which can have the effect of minimizing the impact on you and your loved ones.

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