At Nickerson Roberts Holinski & Mercer, we are fortunate to have some of the best support staff to ensure our clients are provided with exceptional service. Collectively, our staff has over 150 years of experience in most areas of the law. Our conveyancing department alone has 60 years of collective experience which enables them to meet all of our client's real estate needs. 

The staff at Nickerson Roberts Holinski & Mercer strives to provide friendly, professional and knowledgeable support to our clients and looks forward to assisting you with your legal issues. 

Choosing an Appropriate Lawyer

Choosing a lawyer may be one of the most important decisions you will have to make. Nickerson Roberts Holinski & Mercer recognizes that it may also be a difficult and confusing task. The lawyers at Nickerson Roberts Holinski & Mercer suggest that there are certain questions which you should ask before making a decision to hire a lawyer, including:

  • What kind of legal issue is at hand?

  • What kind of legal services do you require?

  • How long has the lawyer been practicing law?

  • What types of cases does the attorney have experience with?

  • What are the attorney's credentials?

  • Is the lawyer someone you will feel comfortable discussing your case with?

  • Can you trust the lawyer?

  • Is the lawyer empathetic to your situation?

  • Can you afford the lawyer?

  • How will the fees be billed?

  • How can you help minimize the legal fees?

  • How long will it take to settle the issue?

The lawyers and staff are more than happy to address any of these or other questions or concerns you may have. Nickerson Roberts Holinski & Mercer is confident that you will find our lawyers and staff receptive to your inquiries. Please feel free to contact us.


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